Disney Plans Digital Lottery on Broadway for Frozen Debut

A limited number of tickets will be available for each Frozen performance, starting at $30. Previews for the show begin next week.

Frozen was a mega-blockbuster film for Disney, and the stage adaptation is anticipated to be one of the most successful musicals on Broadway this spring. Disney is offering $30 tickets for every performance of Frozen through a digital lottery. Michael Grandage, the director of the play, announced this news at a press event for the musical.


The Tony-winning director told The Hollywood Reporter that “Back home I run a company where the central ethos is about access. We put 25 percent of every single house on sale at 10 pounds. When I became a director for hire for Disney, I can’t dictate any of that. That’s what they do. So the idea that they’re doing something similar pleases me personally. Because it means that some people, normally young people or frankly people who can’t afford to go to the theater, get a chance to see something that will hopefully change their lives.” Grandage’s attitude about accessibility is to be admired and may lead to allowing many more children and families to seeing the musical.

Previews begin on February 22 at the St. James Theater. The official debut is slotted for March 22. Last summer, a trial run was done at the Denver Center for Performing arts. This run was well-received by the Disney Theatrical, with president and producer Thomas Schumacher showing a lot of excitement for the rough cut of the production.


Claiming that it was Broadway-worthy from the start, Schumacher believes that the animated film translates perfectly to the stage, especially thanks to the original story and fantastic soundtrack.

The Broadway production improves on the already beloved musical score, expanding the song catalogue from 7 and a half to a full 20 musical numbers. Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the dynamic duo that wrote the Oscar-winning song “Let it Go,” bring their talents to the stage adaptation, writing new tunes and adapting some old ones for live performance.


With the musical opening amidst the #MeToo movement, there is no better time than Women’s History Month in March. Women have been at the center of the project from the beginning, with Kristen Anderson-Lopez providing the music and Jennifer Lee co-writing and co-directing both the movie and the musical. Grandage spoke in depth about the significance of this to the press before the opening of the previews.

Frozen is a family-friendly musical that sets out to tell an inspirational and exciting story. With this digital lottery available, there is a chance for many families to ensure themselves a wonderful night out on the town with a slew of new, original songs, a strong, motivational message, and a live performance that brings the film to life in the way that only Disney knows how.

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