Frozen is Traveling North to Seattle, Paramount Theatre

By a raise of hands, whose house was filled with tunes of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman” or “Let it Go” back in 2013? Most of us probably know the lyrics by heart. This highlights the magic of Frozen – and just like the animated movie, the Broadway adaptation took the theatre world by storm (pun intended). Starting February 2020 to March 1, you can enjoy the live musical at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre as the production heads out on a North American tour.

Frozen Seattle

The Broadway musical boasts of breathtaking stagecraft and a soaring score, which rightfully earned it the Tony nominee for Best Musical in 2018. Guided by a team comprised of Thomas Schumacher (acclaimed theatrical producer) and Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez (composers and lyrics), Frozen has attracted its fair share of admirers.

  • The Telegraph: “Frozen will burn up Broadway for years to come!”
  • New York Post: “Disney’s struck gold! Sumptuous sets, gorgeous costumes, and plenty of special effects to wow the audience!”
  • Evening Standard: “With the magic, the dancing, and all those iconic tunes, Frozen was born to be a stage musical!”

With the original songs that filled our households in 2013, along with new notes adapted for the musical, fans are almost guaranteed to leave the Paramount Theatre humming with happiness. Tickets will go on sale starting September 30 at 10 A.M.

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