Frozen Makes a Splash with a New Music Video

Frozen is making the first day of summer a memorable day with three new music videos featuring the entire Broadway cast. Fans will be thrilled to know that it features the first ever recorded performance by Ryann Redmond as Olaf. For those who don’t know her, she was the very first female to play the role of the adore snowman in any rendition of Frozen.

The videos give a whole new taste to fans favorites such as Love Is an Open Door, In Summer, and a new song called Kristoff Lullaby.

Patti Murin who plays Anna, and Joe Caroll who plays Hans combine brilliantly with music director Brian Usifer to make Love Is an Open Door come alive.

Noah J Ricketts, who plays the role of Kristoff, does a great in performing Kristoff Lullaby. He is accompanied by the sweet cello sounds from Allison Seidner.

The cream of the crop is “In Summer” which is done by Ryann Redmond who plays Olaf, accompanied by Alyssa Fox, Nicholas Ward, Ross Lekites, and Lauren Nicole Chapman as backup vocalists.

Frozen has garnered quite a name for itself since it first opened in 2018. It has found its way to the top of the charts while winning hearts along the way and breaking records as well.

There are already plans for it to expand its production to Australia, London, and Hamburg in 2020/2021. Add that to the Frozen North American tour coming this fall; Frozen is on course to be a global phenomenon.

Frozen the musical features the lyrics and songs based on the animated movie.

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